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Civil Engineer Aldo Cassano Jr. Serves His Community By Translating Information For Sick Patients

Experienced civil engineer Aldo Cassano Jr. feels the need to give back to his community. Aldo Cassano wants to help those in need. Aldo Cassano Jr’s work experience is in the real estate industry. Aldo’s many skills include Budgeting, Operations Management, Contractors, Project Estimation, and CPM Scheduling. Aldo Cassano Jr. holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) concentrate on Construction Management from […]

Project Engineer Aldo Cassano Jr. Helps Break Transportation and Language Barriers in Massachusetts

From 1999 to 2003, Aldo Cassano Jr. attended the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Aldo Cassano graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science. Aldo Cassano Jr. earned a degree in Construction Management and speaks Italian. Both skills are necessary to perform in the jobs he fills today. They are also how Aldo Cassano “breaks barriers” in more ways […]

Aldo Cassano Jr.’s Love Of Italy

Aldo Cassano Jr., like many travelers, absolutely loves Italy. From the out of this world food to heavenly scenery, Aldo Cassano Jr. would move there if he didn’t live in the good ole United States of America. Nevertheless, Aldo tries to make it across to Italy once a year and bask in the beauty of the Italian […]